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Linux + Oracle Apps + Sun JRE Plugin

I recently upgraded my production instance to 11i.ATG_PF.H RUP 5 and replaced JInitiator with the Sun JRE Plugin. To be able to use Linux with the application’s applets, just perform the following steps: Install Mozilla Firefox if you don’t already have it. Download the supported JRE. In my case, it is 1.5.0_12. Because Oracle cannot […]

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Custom SQL Developer Reports

As I come across useful scripts, I create SQL Developer reports to retain them. Some of my reports may not work in your environment, but please feel free to download them and try them out using the link below. SQL Developer User Defined Reports

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How To Change Oracle Apps System Passwords

Issue You need to change the SYSTEM, APPS, and Oracle Applications schema passwords.  Solution Run the linked Apps Change Passwords Script on an application tier.After changing the passwords, run Autoconfig on each of the Application Tier Nodes.

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How To Move Online Redo Logs While Database Is Running

Issue You have online redo log files in the wrong place and want to move them. Solution Run the following SQL to locate the current redo log groups and their members: select group_number , l.status group_status , f.member group_member , f.status file_status from v$log l , v$logfile f where = order by […]

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